Do you consider yourself a human?

How can you sit down and write spiteful words against someone who never did you wrong? And on top of all that, why post them in the digital world where everyone can see?

How can you weave horrifying sentences like, ‘you are nothing’ ‘everybody hates you’ and ‘kill yourself’ without a second thought upon the wrath your words will bring to that poor soul? Do you not perceive how this can affect their conscious thoughts? Do you not perceive how this can ruin their lives?

I do not understand how anyone – anyone in particular – can manifest these sinful acts upon a soul who never did them wrong.

Therefore I tell you, go to your vanity and stare back at your reflection.

Now, little one, ask yourself this question:

‘Do you consider yourself a human being?’

– Erica Allanigue, thoughts on Cyber Bullying