A Short Poem concerning Cyber Bullying.

Internet War

I look online

at this virtual world

we all live in today.

And I find a hidden war

that never seems to end.

Cruel words hidden as bombs.

Barbaric comments hidden as guns.

As I walk through this torn battlefield,

with blood spilled everywhere,

I find not a single page 

with peace instead of war.

People seem to become so mean

just because it isn’t face to face.

People turn into monsters,

monsters that bite and ****.

It’s like people seem to think

their words have no impact,

their message is just a joke.

But this war on the Internet

is more real than before.

There are crying people,

bullied people,

who catch these bullets 

that people have sent,

and decide that maybe life isn’t worth living anymore.

There are wounded people,

wanting for just some love,

only to find hate and anger 

written wherever they go

in this Internet war today.

This war may be virtual, 

but it’s real and alive

even as we speak.

Some people wonder why 

suicides are so often.

Some people wonder why

teens are becoming so depressed.

All they have to do is open

their computer and their minds

to this Internet war we have today.

– Hailey Ngo

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